What are the benefits of modular accommodation?


The past few years have seen a rise in the use of modular-based accommodation or MMC when seeking solutions for a whole plethora of needs, from functional educational facilities to answering the cry for emergency housing. But what is it about MMC that makes it such an attractive proposition? Below we outline some of the many advantages of using MMC instead of more traditional building options and why we have chosen to specialise in modular accommodation;


Without doubt, one of the greatest benefits of modular developments is the ability to dramatically reduce the time needed for construction, which is particularly relevant on emergency housing projects. Current production is up to 15 completed units per week.


With built-in quality checks, our factory is dedicated to crafting highly effective modular buildings with inspections forming a key part of each stage. Implementing these checks eliminates the various ‘on-the-fly’ decisions or unexpected complications that can occur in the field and the construction process is engineered to create a sequence of steps that is repeated precisely on every unit.


Quite simply, modular buildings, or MMC, use fewer tools for assembly which in turn creates substantially less waste. Simplicity is key.


With fewer margin for errors, material use can be closely monitored creating more opportunities for recycling throughout the process. This modern type of construction works harmoniously with ‘lean construction’ and is engineered to cut out any construction waste – average site waste is 10% with factory waste significantly lower at 2%. Our focus on sustainability within MMC has led to our partnering with the Changing Streams initiative, find out more about this innovative project here.


Factory efficiencies allow MMC building components to be produced quickly and without any weather delays allowing for faster, more efficient builds. 


Modular-based buildings allow for considerably more control over processes and systems as well as time management and project management. There is no contracting of multiple crews either because the factory has all of the key player’s onsite to handle multiple building requirements.


Completed modular units decrease the need for site equipment and staging areas. Urban or campus settings often have narrow building sites so modular-based accommodation provides the ultimate solution and is a great alternative for locations which are lacking in experienced or affordable labour forces. In addition, problematic issues such as weather, noise, dust and debris are all signficantly reduced.


Modular developments are primarily repetitive and well-designed. This reduces the exposure to skills shortages in the construction sector, enabling new processes to be learned quickly.


Modular developments are able to work well in semi-permanent deployments, allowing for permanently portable solutions.   
ISO Spaces realised very early on the huge potential of MMC and today our focus is the design, procurement and installation of these relocatable accommodation provisions, specialising in affordable modular housing. Offering a complete turn-key solution, we have delivered a number of container emergency housing developments in the UK, working with local councils to alleviate their housing and homelessness issues.
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