Shipping Containers To Return To The Water


More shipping container conversion ideas…

There are over 30 million shipping containers in the world currently lying dormant. We need to find new, more contemporary uses for these containers.

Here at ISO Spaces, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to design and build bespoke, original container conversions. In line with the current trend in floating architecture, our pioneering design team have created a new and exciting design concept; introducing the Floating Container Restaurant.


The modular building design is based around the use of four 40 ft recycled shipping containers. Each container is made from made from corten steel, designed to last at least 50 years at sea. The building can be located on a floating pontoon, in harbour, lake or even out to sea, making use of any picturesque location.


Our floating restaurant concept is one of first of its kind in the UK. The restaurant itself contains an exciting mix of restaurant style loose seating areas and fitted booths, which can seat up to 60 people. The bold design concept includes glass windows, which can slide to open the area to the outside.


The ground floor bar area, located on external decking, provides an extra 30 seats.


This design concept is versatile and easily re-branded, get in touch with our designers to experience the art of the possible.

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