Shipping Container Dimensions

Learn about the most common shipping containers dimensions in this handy information article. Including a handy table of the most common shipping container dimensions there are.

A shipping container is just a steel box, right? Wrong. The shipping industry has been getting transportation right for years, which makes it easy to understand why people are attracted to the humble shipping container to convert in to a dynamic space.

After a bit of research when optimizing our website, we were initially surprised that a huge number of searches on the Internet for container conversions were quickly followed by the words, shipping container dimensions. After a bit of thought, we weren’t surprised – you need to know what you’re working with, right? Whether you can fit a king-size bed in (you can by the way – but you won’t have much room for much else in a 10ft unit!) or what size shower cubicle you need to buy from Wickes, hopefully this post will help.

In our world, everything is 8ft wide and the length can range from 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. However, we are in 2016 so we thought we’d outline the measurements in metric so all you young people understand what we’re talking about!

See the below table which provides the dimensions for standard shipping containers:

Shipping Container Dimensions

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