Container Conversions for Retail

Cost-effective modular building solutions for the retail sector

Shopping centres, convenience stores and more, our containerised solutions work for any type of retail sector.

Create a distinctive customer experience with a shipping container conversion for your retail business. Our container products are unique and bespoke. Whether you already have clear plans or your vision is more embryonic, our team can make your business concept or business mobilisation a reality.

Our collaborative approach to design and manufacture keeps your vision central in our decision making. Our experienced interior architects and design engineers are the best in the business and provide a professional, high quality service that will guarantee your container conversion is unique, functional and has paying customers through the door as quickly as possible.

Why convert a shipping container for your retail project?

The unique and modular nature of the shipping container allows your business to be dynamic and respond to ever-changing markets and consumer behaviour. By converting a shipping container to a convenience store, coffee shop or for any other retail purpose, it allows your business to expandable with success.

All of our shipping container conversions are manufactured offsite in our dedicated factory. This allows for less disruption onsite and shortens the build time in comparison with traditional methods of construction.

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