ISO Spaces unites with Changing Streams to transform sustainability within MMC


ISO Spaces unites with Changing Streams to transform sustainability within MMC

As part of our sustainability journey, we are pleased to announce we have joined the innovative Changing Streams initiative, committing to working with them to tackle plastic pollution within the construction industry. This partnership places ISO Spaces at the forefront of the sustainability conversation in the construction sector, sitting alongside industry leaders such as Peel L&P and ARUP in a space where we can work together to significantly reduce the use of plastics from building designs through to completion.

The focus of the Changing Streams organisation is to reduce the use and reliance of plastic in industry, starting with the built environment. This sector was chosen because it is only second to packaging in being the largest industry user of plastics – generating a whopping 50,000 plus tonnes of plastic annually in the UK alone. Partnering with Liverpool University, Changing Streams aims to lead by science and research, working actively with supply chains and the trade to provide tools, education and sourcing alternative materials in order to meet targets.

Excitingly, ISO Spaces are their only modular member which provides us with the opportunity to lead the way in disrupting the construction market, forcing significant changes that will drive down the use of plastics. In addition, because plastic and carbon reduction programs sit hand-in-hand and must be tackled equally, the initiative enables us to tackle the modular carbon footprint head-on.

Through this partnership, ISO Spaces will support the modular industry in developing a series of tools to assist the public and private sectors in driving change. Watch this space!!

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