Housing minister champions MMC to drive the UK housing industry forward

Housing minister champions modern methods of construction to drive the UK housing industry forward

ISO Spaces Managing Director, Ben Treleaven, writes on the future of MMC and the crucial role it has to play in addressing the UK’s housing challenges.

It’s encouraging to see the government committing to embrace the use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to improve the UK’s housing industry. It’s a progressive step to addressing the housing crisis and meeting the demands for efficient and affordable housing across the UK. 

Housing Minister, Esther McVey, has dedicated a major funding investment of £30 million to back the use of MMC in the UK housing industry. The housing minister has said she wants to see MMC – the new gold standard of building – being used up and down the country to really drive forward innovation, and to help the government deliver a new generation of green homes.  

Furthermore, McVey has appointed Mark Farmer as a new Champion for Modern Methods of Construction in homebuilding. Mark will be responsible for promoting MMC innovation into the housing industry as well as act as an ambassador for the UK’s MMC activities. In a government press release Mark Farmer said: 

I am delighted to have been asked to carry out this new role. This is a really important time for the construction industry and there is an urgent need to rethink how we build homes, delivering better quality, improved safety, carbon reduction and an array of exciting new career opportunities.

Mark Farmer

The government’s £30 million investment into modular housing is testament to showing they are committed to driving the UK’s housing and construction industries forward. It is positive to see the limelight being shone on offsite and modular construction, and a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate its effectiveness for delivering housing solutions.  

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ISO Spaces offer a range of modular solutions manufactured offsite in dedicated factory facilities. Our team of interior designers and mechanical engineers work collaboratively to deliver permanently portable spaces of the highest quality, across multiple sectors.  

The benefits of offsite modular constructions are: 

Speed – modular homes can be manufactured offsite, on a dedicated production line and then assembled onsite in a matter of days with less disruption than onsite construction.   

Sustainability – through greater precision in the manufacturing process modular homes are built more efficiently with reduced construction and material waste. 

Flexibility – Modular homes are adaptable and customisable to suit the site and brief, adding or removing units with relative ease and are permanently relocatable. 

There is no better time to embrace the advances in design technology, engineering and manufacture available here and now in the UK. McVey has set the UK construction industry the challenge of becoming global leaders in the provision of housing; MMC could be the answer to achieving that goal.

Take a look at our modular housing solutions here: https://isospaces.com/modular-systems/ or get in touch at ben@isospaces.co.uk.

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