The Grand Designs Shipping Container House


Patrick Bradley, an architect from Ireland, showcased his new container house on Channel 4’s Grand designs last night.

Made from 4 recycled 45 foot shipping containers placed in a giant cross-shaped orientation, are located in a beautiful spot on his family farm, cantilevered over a stream.

10 tonnes of extra steel work was needed to help reinforce the containers to stop them from buckling, his engineers had no idea whether it would work or not – thankfully it did!


The exterior was cladded in a dark grey expanded steel mesh on the upper level and natural corten steel on the ground level, disguising the fact that shipping containers had ever been used.

His original budget being £100,000, it ended up costing him £133,000 (that’s including his extravagant bath coming in at £16k) – overall pretty good for a 130 sq. meter home.


Images: Channel 4

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