Stadium 974

Stadium 974 is one of the newly built venues of the 2022 World Cup. Named after the number of shipping containers used for its creation, it’s great to see how modern methods of construction continue to innovate.

ISO Spaces are proud to have consulted on this solution, which created an events stadium built from repurposed shipping containers and a modular steel structure. This is the first stadium in FIFA World Cup history that can be dismantled and reassembled in a new location, or alternatively repurposed into a series of smaller venues.

Qatar called the stadium its “beacon of sustainability” as part of its pledge to deliver the first carbon neutral World Cup

The stadium received a 5-star rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) for its design and construction, making it a pioneering example of event sustainability and innovation.

In the coming days Stadium 974 will be used for a fashion show as well as concerts in Qatar. After the world cup, there are currently plans for the stadium to be fully dismantled and shipped to countries that need the infrastructure. The original location will be transformed into a waterfront recreation area.

It has also been reported that the stadium may be transported and rebuilt in Maldonado, Uruguay, to host matches for the 2030 FIFA World Cup if the country’s bid is successful. 


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