Westfields Emergency Shipping Container Accommodation

Westfields Lodge

Emergency shipping container housing

Client: QED & Ealing Council

The third shipping container accommodation development ISO Spaces designed and manufactured for QED and Ealing Council has opened. Westfields Lodge in North Acton now offers safe, private housing for 14 families at risk of homelessness.


The modular development is made up of a mix of one, two and three bed units, each self-contained with their own kitchens and bathrooms.

All of our shipping container accommodation units are designed so that they can be easily moved to other sites as required, but yet the container homes are still built to the same rigorous standards as traditional builds, meeting full UK Building Regulations.

Walkways of shipping container accommodation
Westfields Lodge - shipping container accommodation
Emergency shipping container accommodation in Westfields, London


Westfields Lodge follows the hugely successful and award-winning projects at Marston Court and Hope Gardens, which both opened in 2017. The three emergency housing developments together now provide a sense of community and a safe place to live for over 500 people in the 108 self-contained units.

Peter Mason, Ealing Council

For people who find themselves in the awful position of becoming homeless, this innovative emergency accommodation provides a stable, comfortable environment to live in. For the same outlay as bed and breakfast, Westfields Lodge offers 14 families a far better standard of accommodation.

Councillor Peter Mason

Ealing Council

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