Plantos Nursery

We were asked to create an outdoor classroom facility for our client, Plantos Nursery, using 3x40ft High Cube shipping containers. The nursery required this extra space to increase the capacity of their existing nursery, to accommodate an additional 24 children.  The new classroom will be used as a day-care facility, holiday club, learning space and lounge.

Concepts & Design

Our client wanted the facility to look friendly but also elegant and eye-catching, and to provide a design that was equally appealing to children and parents. Therefore, the units were painted with a slate grey colour (RAL 7015), and then partially clad with cedar wood. A sedum roof was also used on top of one of the containers, to achieve our client’s vision of capturing themes that reflect respect for nature.

The glazing on the side of the unit can be fully opened, and leads out onto a play area. This design creates a unique, interactive experience for the children, and achieves our clients vision of having continuation between the indoor classroom and outdoor area.

Construction & Installation

In total the project took only 14 weeks to construct, including installation on site, which was done during school holidays to ensure that disruption was minimal.

The main addition this year has been the new structure at the front of the nursery for our older children which we now call the “Cwtsh” which in Welsh means a hug, cuddle or a small cupboard! It accommodates a further 24 children meaning that our full capacity increases from 50 to 74. As a result, our staffing team is expanding too and we are pleased to welcome promising positive members onboard.      – Plantos Nursery


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