Notso Sushi

Notso Sushi

Shipping container catering units

Client: Notso Events

This double shipping container burger bar and hotdog stand, was made of 2 x 20ft side opening containers, that were seamlessly installed at Wembley Stadium for the Notso Events brand.


Each container conversion encompasses striking bespoke neon roof signage and includes an awning to be used in all weathers. It is fully kitted out with a commercial kitchen and promotional space on the inside of the doors for daily menu updates. ISO Spaces worked with the vendor to ensure the ergonomics were perfect for preparing quick meals for customers, whilst also making it an approachable space for passing fans.


Countless hours were also invested in the internal fit, that had to meet our client’s exacting material and finishing requirements. Whilst we ensured the Notso brand transcend across the shipping container burger bar and the hot dog stand; each had their very own twist.

Both units are expected to be re-deployed individually or as a pair to a number of events around the country this year.

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