Madeira Drive Container Office

Madeira Drive

Shipping container office
& community hub

Client: Brighton & Hove City Council

Brighton & Hove City Council are working with developers in hope to return Madeira Drive to its former glory. One of the most prominent features along Brighton’s seafront is Madeira Terrace, 850 metres of Grade II listed arches.


Constructed in 1890, Madeira Terrace runs from Brighton Aquarium (now the Sea Life Centre) to Duke’s Mound. Today, as a result of corrosion and the cast iron coming to the end of its life, urgent repairs are needed to restore the arches  before they become damaged beyond repair – a key focus of the Madeira Drive regeneration project.

Container office - Madeira Terrace Restoration Project, Brighton
Container office - Madeira Terrace Restoration Project, Brighton


ISO Spaces was commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council to design and manufacture a shipping container office and community hub to sit right in the heart of Madeira Drive. The 40ft converted container office will house the communications and other teams running the regeneration project and funding campaigns.

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