M.I Dickson

ISO Spaces were commissioned by Dickson’s to design and manufacture a bespoke café that would utilise the space at their main factory. We created a 40ft catering unit that replaces a food van previously on the site. The client wanted the unit to provide a sense of community and a place to share the Dickson’s family story whilst serving delicious recipes made from their genuine quality ingredients.

Concepts & Planning

The unit was split into two sections. On the left-hand side, there is an indoor seating area, and on the right-hand side, a catering unit. This innovative design provides optimum space for our client by allowing room for customer seating as well as preparation of food and drinks.

Some of the core features of this project are the fixed canopies, which provide weather protection, and the roller shutter openings for service.

Keeping the Dickson’s trademark style was important when designing, therefore, our in-house design team worked closely with the client to ensure that the aesthetics of the container adhered to their brand guidelines. The container was painted in Dickson’s signature bold colours, with a branded sign added on top of the unit, and vinyl logos on the container. Keeping the industrial feel within the seating area was key as well as choosing practical finishes in the kitchen area to create a great working environment.

Construction & Installation

The project was managed through RIBA stages and took only 8 weeks to construct. It was then delivered and installed quickly at the Dickson’s factory. Our client wanted to install their own equipment inside the unit, and was concerned about the interior measurements, and fitting everything in. However, this was overcome by communicating regularly with our client about any changes in equipment or layout.

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