Kirkstall Road

We were commissioned by the Clarion Housing Group to design and construct 9 modular accommodation units to help tackle homelessness in Leeds, as well as an office unit on the same site, to allow support workers to carry out their essential duties.

Concepts & Design

Our client wanted a functional design with practical finishes. Therefore, a modular approach was chosen, using a steel frame construction with steel faced panels attached to the outside. The units were then fully clad with Marley Cedral Cladding, to provide a more comfortable and modern finish.

These innovative modular units provide our client with accommodation that is completely portable by design.

Build & Installation

The units were built to a building-control approved standard and are robust enough to be used at Kirkstall Road on a permanent basis. Alternatively, they can be moved from site to site for short term use.

Each 1 bed apartment provides residents with all facilities needed, including a shower room, kitchen, lounge/diner and offers a 20m2 living space.

The project provides a living footprint of 126m2, and was constructed offsite, which meant there were minimal works required onsite during installation. This enabled residents to be moved in almost immediately after completion.

In partnership with St George’s Crypt and Leeds Council, the nine secure accommodation units will provide a temporary solution to tackle local homelessness in and around the city.

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