The new ‘Tech Box Park’ units officially opened at Hartpury University & College on 07/07/2022. This new development provides 5 office buildings, allowing space for the growth and development of Agri-tech, food-tech, and green-tech businesses, including start-ups and SMEs. This provides a workspace for desk-based research and development, ultimately helping to solve the agricultural challenges of a progressively digital future.

Concepts & Planning

The units were made up of 10 x 40ft high cube shipping containers, providing a footprint of 300m2. Cedar wood cladding and grey paint were used to match one of the existing buildings on the site. The rear of the buildings were glazed to complement the idyllic landscape that the units overlook. The project was managed through RIBA stages.

Build & Installation

One of the main concerns our client had was disruption to the students at Hartpury University & College. To resolve this, the off-site construction route was taken, to minimise noise disturbance and disruption on site. Our client was also concerned about meeting certain regulations such as the Ska Gold Standard, and we met this standard successfully. In total, the 5 offices were constructed in only 5 months.

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