Four Acres Academy

We were commissioned by Four Acres Academy to provide an additional classroom building that would allow our client to cater for a greater number of students.

Concepts & Design

The aim was to create a central flexible learning space that provided a welcoming and safe environment for the students. 

The materials used were 8 x 40ft shipping containers and 3 x 20ft shipping containers, which also achieved our clients vision of the building having a modern and unique style. This allowed space for classrooms, an office, storage space and a central flexible learning area.

One core feature of the design is the bi-folding doors to the classroom spaces, which allow the rooms to be opened up. The containers were also painted in a hue of green shades, in keeping with the schools branding. 

Construction & Installation

Overall, the project took only 4 months from the beginning of fabrication, to being installed on site. 

The site access was limited, so to overcome this issue we created a traffic management plan to ensure that access to the site was available during landing. 

The unit was constructed off site, resulting in a higher build quality, reduced construction time and superior cost control throughout the entire project, providing our client with an additional 285m2 footprint of learning space.

We’ve got a really big open workspace for the children to use, fostering that sense of independence. It’s going to be an absolute pleasure to have the children working in here.

– Matthew Cave, Headteacher

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