Eis Haus

Shipping Container Ice Bar

Client: Eis Haus

Working with Eis Haus, ISO Spaces has designed and engineered the world’s first ice bar and lounge from shipping containers. Eis Haus was launched at The Telegraph’s Ski and Snowboard Show 2016 in London,  and is now booked at a number of high profile events, such as the Tower of London Ice Rink.

Visitors to the bar are provided with insulated coats and invited to step inside the pop-up bar and lounge made entirely of ice, and enjoy a drink in a chilled ice glass surrounded by crystal-clear ice sculptures.

bespoke shipping container bar, ice bar concept design


ISO Spaces engineered a 20ft container alongside two 40ft containers, all of which can sustain temperatures as low as -3° as well as housing over ten tonnes of purified crystal clear ice. Marketed as a unique interactive, sensory experience, that can be adapted from an ice lounge and bar, to a festival chill out zone, ISO Spaces worked hard to ensure that the space is versatile and can be used in a range of future settings.


The pop-up design also incorporates an outdoor alpine deck and installed heaters, alongside an outside bar. For more ideas and examples of container bar conversions, take a look at our digital bar & catering brochure.

What the client says:

From my initial concept to taking delivery of the finished product, working with ISO Spaces has been seamless. Their engineering prowess has delivered the basis and infrastructure for my business and we’re really excited as to what the future holds for this concept and are taking bookings at a range of settings and events.

Philip Hughes

Creative Director, Eis Haus

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