Eden Project – Ice Cream Parlour

Eden Project

Shipping container ice cream parlour

Client: Eden Project

What better way to market your ice cream than by using a specially converted shipping container ice cream parlour. We worked with The Eden Project to develop a container that would complement the backdrop of the biomes. The colour scheme was carefully chosen to be soft blue and reclaimed-wooden clad was used for the bar frontage.

& Planning

This was a fully air-conditioned, 20ft side-opening container that incorporated freezer units, all sourced by The Eden Project. In addition two sinks, two tills and a drinks fridge were also included within the design of the container. We also installed a staff access door to the rear of the container and welded the barn doors so they would be permanently shut.

shipping container ice cream parlour, eden project manufacturing

Build &

This container conversion has been expertly designed and fitted out by the team at ISO Spaces to ensure functionality and durability while also bringing to life this catering facility at The Eden Project.

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