Dover Marina

Dover Marina Multi-Use visual

This 90 bedroom hotel development is to be located at Dover Marina, forming part of the Marina Curve £10 million regeneration project, creating an intriguingly styled eco-park stop over which aims to drive tourism to the area.

Offsite modular construction and hotel developments such as these are a fantastic match for investors, developers and constructions partners looking to take their hotel project to the next level.

In addition to the 90 room Electric Motel solution, we are leading the project for the design and manufacture of restaurants, bars and retail for wider marina use. 

ISO Spaces have taken the lead on this project from RIBA Stage 2. Guiding Dover Marina every step of the way from concept through to planning submission and consequent approval.

The project is expected to the one of the largest harbour side modular leisure solutions of its kind in the UK, with manufacture expected to begin in early 2023.

If you have a similarly ambitious project and would like to tap into our team of modular experts to help get it over the line, contact us today. We can take your idea from concept through to installation anywhere in the UK.

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