Box Golf, Surbiton Golf Studio


Portable golf coaching container

Client: BoxGolf/PGA Professional Jon Wells

ISO Spaces is proud to have been a part of the launch of the portable golf ranges, converted from shipping containers, designed and manufactured for new company, BoxGolf.

BoxGolf Concept Design
BoxGolf Concept Design


The brainchild of PGA Professional Jon Wells, owner of Surbiton Golf Studio, the container conversions provide dedicated space for coaching, fitting and practising golf at locations that lack teaching facilities. The portable nature of the golf units also make them a great addition at corporate events.

Each container will offer a variety of built-in features, including astro-turf decking, ceiling spotlights and power points for launch monitors and other technology as required.


The interior walls provide space for golf equipments storage, teaching aids, memorabilia and wall-mounted TVs. The units are built with fold-down overhead and side awnings, providing protection from the elements and security of the units when not in use.

The containers vary in size from a 10ft entry level to a 40ft larger portable golfing range. The latter include a roof terrace with a putting green, perfect for practising every aspect of golf.

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